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  • Posted On: 11/26/2023
  • Title: 100% Blue Neck Ostrich
  • Name: Lynn Peterson
  • Location: Lebanon, Missouri
  • 100% Unadulterated Blue Neck Ostrich

    I have unrelated pairs, and trios available

    All are 8 Months, and 7 foot tall or taller

    Pairs $3200

    Trios $4500 NOW $4000 For a Short Time
    I have 1 left 100% Black female $1600 SOLD!
    All my Ostrich are very laid back and are very use to people. Not a knuckle head or challenger in the bunch.

    Gender is 100% GUARANTEED. We don't send feathers for testing, we send blood. We use Avian Genetics in Florida.


    Emails MUST include first, & last name, and phone number, no name & number. NO REPLY

    Ad will be deleted when sold, If you see this ad they're available.


    417-588-7900 "Landline" 9AM to 10PM CST.
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