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  • Posted On: 05/09/2024
  • Name: Gary E. Guerrero
  • Location: Auburn, California
  • Please read "Important Information" on our order processing (below bird listing).

    Due to bird testing regulations we do not ship to Texas or Florida.

    Submitting An Inquiry? Please provide your full name, address & phone number. The owner requires this information upon receipt of your inquiry. Your help is appreciated. (No info is ever sold!).


    Australian Crested Doves (Yearlings, 8-10 Mos. Old & DNA Sexed): $250.00/Pair


    Male N.A. Pintail Ducks (Yearlings & Flying): $100.00/Each

    Wood Ducks (Yearlings & Flying): $150.00/Pair


    India Blue Peacocks:

    Male Pied India Blue Peacock (Yearling & DNA Sexed): $150.00/Each

    Male India Blue Peacocks (Yearlings & DNA Sexed): $150.00/Each

    Java Green Peacocks, Muticus-Muticus:

    Male Java Green Peacock (Yearlings & DNA Sexed): $500.00/Each

    White Peacocks:

    Female White Peacocks (Yearlings & DNA Sexed): %250.00/Each

    White Peacocks (Yearlings & DNA Sexed): $500.00/Pair

    PHEASANTS (Light)

    Male Lady Amherst Pheasants (Yearlings): $75.00/Each

    Male Red Golden Pheasants (Yearlings): $75.00/Each

    Red Golden Pheasants (Yearlings): $125.00/Pair

    Yellow Golden Pheasants (Adults, Colored): $150.00/Pair

    Yellow Golden Pheasants (Yearlings): $125.00/Pair

    PHEASANTS (Heavy)

    Silver Pheasants (Yearlings): $125.00/Pair

    Silver Pheasants (Adults Colored): $150.00/Pair

    Spotted Swinhoe Pheasants (Yearlings): $125.00/Pair

    Swinhoe Pheasants (Yearlings): $125.00/Pair

    PLEASE NOTE: Before ordering any birds, please check with the regulatory agency in your State that controls wildlife management. You may need a permit.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION – regarding orders/inquiries for our Exotic Birds!

    Gary Guerrero, owner of Animals Incorporated, has been in the "animal/reptile/bird" industries (self-employed) for over 55 years. He supervises the care of thousands of exotic birds from eggs to adults.

    To place an order, please call Gary at 530 269 1144 (in Auburn, CA). Gary personally returns all phone messages when you leave him your contact number.

    We no longer ship to Texas or Florida, due to impossible time restrictions for bird testing one week prior to shipping.

    All payments are made in advance and below are the payment options:

    Zelle is the quickest payment & fastest delivery option. For assistance, phone Animals Incorporated at 530 269 1144.

    When payment is made by money order or cashier's check your birds are shipped on the closest Wednesday (no bank clearance or delayed shipping).

    When payment is made by personal check the order may be held until bank clearance (up to 14 days).

    We do not process PayPal or credit cards.

    When mailing your payment, please include a brief note regarding your purchase, shipping address and contact phone number, addressed to: Animals Incorporated, PO Box 7848, Auburn, CA 95604.

    After receipt of payment, Gary will notify you by phone (please provide phone number) of the shipping date and pickup instructions at your US Post Office. We ship every week (weather permitting), but only on Wednesdays. This prevents birds being held inside the Post Office over a weekend.

    Thank you,


    Animals Incorporated

    PO Box 7848

    Auburn CA, 95604

    Phone: 530 269 1144 (All messages are returned)


    Pickup Hours (Phone To Schedule An Appointment) : Mon - Fri, 10am - 9pm & Saturday, 11am - 9pm4
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