Picture/Video Submission Policy

I hereby certify that the photo/video I am about to submit is my original work and has never been copyrighted or, if copyrighted, that I am the sole copyright owner. I am entering this photo as an honest and true effort of my personal creativity and unique artistic vision, and I understand that it will be published on the Internet as my original work and under my own copyright.

Before uploading a photo/video to, carefully read the following terms and conditions of use. If you agree to the terms as they have been written, click on the "Browse" button to continue.

The purpose of this site is primarily entertainment and education. Images/videos uploaded are allowed and encouraged if the user's motives are in accord with this purpose. Acceptable uses of the image/video uploader include:
To share your photo,
To promote your bird
To entertain,

Images/video deemed unsuitable for our site or not in harmony with the above purposes may be removed from the site.

Public Viewing & Granting of Limited Rights
If approved for publication, your photo/video will be displayed to the public. Your photo/video will be listed on the area you submitted it to and possibly in other areas of the Web site. By uploading your image/video, you are allowing to publish the photo/video.

All images/videos must be originals and must belong to the person uploading; all rights in the photo/video must be the property of the person uploading the photo/video. is not responsible for images/video submitted by someone other than the rightful owner.

Model Release
Uploader acknowledges that they have sufficient written permission of any recognizable models or other persons appearing in the photograph/video to be able to grant the right to publish their photographic submission online, and hereby grants such right.