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  • REFERENCE ONLY: Animals listed have been sold or removed.
  • Name: Terry
  • Posted: 09/01/2022
  • Location: Kansas
  • ID #34048

8:00 A. M., Saturday, September 10, 2022

Johnson County Fairgrounds, Gardner, Kansas

The fairgrounds are located at 136 E. Washington Street in downtown Gardner. Take Exit 210 off I-35. Go west on Hwy 56/Main St to the 4th stoplight. Turn right onto Elm St. Go north 2 blocks to the fairgrounds.

The main arena auction of chickens, rabbits, pigeons, game birds, waterfowl, animals,

and equipment is held outdoors so dress according to the weather forecast.

$5.00 admission for all persons including children over 4 years old. 4-H and FFA members free with membership card & an adult paid admission.

Commission - HOAGBA members - 15 % on on all sales. Non-HOAGBA members - 20% on all sales.

Sellers’ checks may be picked up on late Saturday afternoon, or they’ll be mailed Monday.

There is a $2.00 NO SALE charge.

METHOD OF PAYMENT - Credit Cards ($4.00 Convenience Fee), Cash, or Check with a bank letter of credit. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we’re still trying to collect through the Johnson Cty. DA on 2 hot checks totaling $4,560.50 written by buyers known to HOAGBA!! One of those checks was written at the fall, 2019 auction and the other was written at the spring, 2022 auction.

Consignments as of September 1, 2022

When you buy the bird or small animal you get the cage it’s in!!

Pheasants: Golden Pheasants: Red, Dark-throated Yellow; Lady Amherst, Reeves, Swinhoe, Silver, pr. Elliot’s, Ringneck: Chinese, Alaskan Snow; Southern Caucasus True Pheasant, pair breeder Temminck;’s Tragopan, breeder Impeyan male

Peafowl: White, Opal, Purple, Spalding, India Blue Pied

Partridge: Barbary, White Chukar

Quail: Snowflake, Tennessee Red, California Valley, Gambel’s, Bobwhites

Wild Waterfowl: Ducks: Wood Ducks - normal, Silver, Mandarins, White Mandarins, North American Pintail, Chiloe Widgeon, American Wigeon, Rosybill Porchard , Silver Mallard, Cinnamon Mallard, Indian Spotbill, Gadwall, Black-Bellied Tree Ducks, White-faced Tree Ducks. Cinnamon Teal, Paradise Shelducks Geese: Cackler, Barnacle, Giant Canada Swans: none listed yet; check web site closer to the auction

Pigeons and Doves: German Beauty Homers

Chickens: Standard - White Rocks, Cream Legbar, Indigo Gigante, Bielefelder/Indigo cross, trio of Single comb Black Leghorns, Brown Leghorns, Aloha Chickens, White Langshan, Polish: Tolbunt, Silver laced, Golden laced, Splash, Blue; Ameraucanas; laying hens

Bantams: Silkies: Painted. Chocolate, Blue, Black and White; Mottled Japanese, Turkens, Calico Cochins

Guineas: Purple

Domestic Waterfowl: Ducks: 10 colors Call Ducks: Gray, White, Butterscotch, Blue Bib, Chocolate Magpie, Black Bib and Snowy; Gray Call Duck hen, Black East Indies, Muscovy in clued black and Bronze Australian Spotted, trio Jumbo Pekins Geese: Giant Exhibition Dewlap Toulouse Buff, Gray - 2 males, 2 females; trio White Chinese, trio Brown Chinese

Rabbits and Other Animals: Mini Rex—Tri’s. Harlequin, young Dutch bunnies, Flemish Giant

Aviary Birds, Warm Room Critters and Related Equipment: Various Parakeets - normals and mutations; Spice Finch pair, Assorted Zebra finches, Orange Cheeked Waxbill pair, Bronze Wing Mannikin pair, Silver Bill Finch pair, Red Bishop Finch pair, Orange Weaver Finch pair. Diamond Dove pair, Ringneck Dove pairs, Lovebirds - Fischer’s, Yellow-Collard

Chicks, Ducklings, and Poults: Blue Red-laced Wyandotte chicks

Game Bird & Poultry Equipment: 2005 12” Pace American Trailer model JT714TA - has side door and drop-down rear door. Good condition; used to store auction equipment at fairgrounds; little tow-time on roads; 10-hole galvanized laying nest with egg catcher, feeders, waterers, cages, pet taxies

This should be a large auction. Our last two auctions had over 1000 lots consigned to the main arena.

Auction is licensed by USDA and Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Animal Health

All birds with the exception of waterfowl, doves, pigeons, and aviary birds must be pullorum-typhoid tested.

For an updated list of consignments and other auction information, go to:


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