Oriental White Eye, Japanese White Eye, (zosterops japonicus)

Oriental White Eye, Japanese White Eye, (zosterops japonicus)

Price: 400/ pair
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  • Name: Peter
  • Posted: 11/19/2022
  • Location: New York
  • ID #34359
For sale are 2 pair of Japanese White Eye Finches, also known as Mejiro or Japanese Warblers. These softbill birds have become quite rare (try finding them elsewhere online), especially on the east coast so jump on the opportunity now to own and raise a pair! Ive seen them kept mostly in Asia. You can find them in households in Bali, Thailand, Japan, and I have even caught a glimpse of them in some windows in chinatown.

These birds are bit more delicate than canaries and finches, as they require a special diet of soft fruit (kiwi, oranges, mango, etc) as the base of their diet. These birds are currently being raised on Zupreem pellets (readily available on amazon), Lots of fruit *they love grapes, and dried mealworms and some live food.

They have begun warbling, most often in the morning, at dusk, and a little throughout the day. They are acclimated, learning to take food from tweezers, and feathering out with beautiful shiny olive green feathers.

have questions, just ask.

2 pair available. each pair is 400. would also do a trio for 500.


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