Mini Toucan (Green Aracari) Smallest Toucan

Mini Toucan (Green Aracari) Smallest Toucan

Price: 4,000
Please, serious people only, in person to meet us, only, and cash only! Please read all of ad before contact! Thank you!

Mini Toucan (Green Aracari) Male
Price includes his custom built glass inclosure/cage, these enclosures/cages cost about $10,000 new! Everything included; his smaller collapsable travel cage, smaller collapsable travel cage stand and his small soft hand carrier for car, airline, train, whatever!, harness, leash toys etc. and all his supplies!

We want him to be at home in his new home, (least at first ) with healthiest, easiest adjustment as possible for Loops to feel familiar with something! Though it will probably be harder on us than him! LOL! He loves people!! So we want to sell his enclosure/cage and supplies together with him…. This a great deal for this cage and supplies! Later after Loops adjusts after a couple months in your home and your aviary, then you can most assuredly sell his inclosure /cage separately for probably more than $4000.

Loops needs a Lifetime loving home. He needs a stay at home/work from home owner/companion, who will play and interact with him regularly most days and even put him in the window for sunbathing. Unfortunately, things have changed in our life after covid! We are traveling much more and will be moving full time on a boat and can not take him with us. We love him and want to re-home him as soon as possible for him to start bounding with new owners even though we have time and willing to wait. However, we are taking our time to get Loops the perfect home, because he is so special to us, and we and many will miss him so much. But , I know he will make someone or a family incredibly happy and be a great fun companion!

About Loops:

Mini Toucan (Green Aracari) Male

-He is perfectly healthy- never has been to bird boarding, or exposed to other birds - we always have friends come bird sit him when we travel! However, he loves the people that watch him, he hates it when we travel and get mad at us when we return! Better if someone doesn’t travel very often without bringing him with! He gets so heart broken and angry at only us! :(! Later on travel- he travels very well!

-He was hatched 07/2017
-He is from a very responsible and respected breeder- we took a long time of looking at birds and talking with breeders before finding this breeder.
-He was hand feed and hand raised for 8 weeks by a professional breeder from Nashville Zoo at Bird aviator.
-He was air shipped to us in CA. at 8 weeks old, we loved him and watched him learn to fly and hand feed him lots of treats and my old cat helped raise him, Loops picked on my cat! However, I don’t trust just any cats with him. My cat was bird trained and completely safe for him.
-He is very loving and loves to snuggle and even purrs, and lays his head on your chest, so sweet!
-He loves strangers and loves to see lots of activity going on with people around him.

-His enclosure/glass cage is currently located on our front outside covered patio, that has heavy duty screen, (our front door, (so he gets lots of traffic and attention) its near a busy sidewalk walk on way to the beach! He loves it, and to be let out of cage/enclosure into screened patio for fun and games and sun most of the day!
-He loves to play games, and especially great at hitting balls back and forth.
-He has a great memory, and can be trained if you are consistent, he remembers well, and people from past that have bird sat him before!
-He has had 4 different families, with kids or teens watch him, and 2 different single guys at different times watch him and they all love him! Loops has references! So you are welcome to ask them all about Loops.

Lastly, If you/your family are a match for Loops, please, be prepared to give a wait for a vet health check we will have done, give a deposit of 1/2 down and we will deliver Loops and his enclosure/cage and all his stuff included in price, if you are within 2 hour drive, and will consider further with a delivery fee! You will need a truck, or maybe a large van….


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