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  • Posted On: 03/03/2022
  • Title: Finch and Softbill Pairs
  • Name: Greg
  • Location: Fallbrook, California
  • Finch and softbill pairs available now!

    Cherry finches - $400/pair

    Bearded reedlings - $850/pair

    European Greenfinches - $350/pair

    Diamond firetail finches - $400/pair

    Owl finches - $400/pair

    Masked grassfinches - $400/pair

    Red-headed finches - $700/pair

    Lined seedeaters - $550/pair

    Variable seedeaters - $550/pair

    Lesson's seedeaters - $550/pair

    Wing-barred seedeaters - $550/pair

    Shipping is available via Delta Airlines.
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