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  • Posted On: 11/25/2022
  • Title: Birds available
  • Name: Robert Yoshida
  • Location: Miami, Florida
  • 0.1 White cheeked turaco

    1.0 Black thorated laughintrush

    1.0 Black faced tanager

    1.0 Yellow green grosbeak

    1.1 Blue winged mountain tanager

    1.1 Masked cardinal

    1.1 Black faced dacnis

    1.1 Pale vented pigeon

    1.1 Scaled pigeon

    1.0 Black chinned fruit dove

    1.1 Greater Curassow (Pick up only)

    0.0.2 Australian crested dove.

    1.1 Blue dacnis

    All birds are ready to go and in perfect health.

    Please email me for details on prices and shipping.


    Robert Yoshida
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