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  • Posted On: 03/18/2023
  • Title: Waterfowl Near Tallahassee Florida
  • Name: Bob Johnson
  • Location: Lamont, Florida
  • All previously dated ads are no longer valid.
    Greylag Ganders: $100/each,
    Sebastopol ganders: $100/each,
    Bahama Pintail: drakes: normal drakes: $50/each, silver hens $100/each,
    Call ducks: Grey, White, Dusky, Blue Fawn: $50 - $200/pair,
    Call ducks: Pastel, Penciled and Snowy drakes: $20/each,
    European Shelduck: drakes $100/each,
    Mandarins: drakes $60/each,
    Red-billed Tree ducks: $75/pair,
    Ring Teal: $125/trio,
    Rosy-billed Pouchard: $150/pair,
    White-faced tree ducks: $175/pair,
    Wood Duck: $150/pair.
    Land Fowl:
    India Blue Peafowl: 2 year old pair: $400,
    Designer (normal or satin) Silkie Chicken eggs: Show Quality: $30/dozen
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