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  • Posted On: 05/02/2023
  • Title: European golfinch
  • Name: Chuck
  • Location: Huntington beach, California
  • Males and females European goldfinch. Can be picked up or shipped via Usps or delta at buyers expensive

    Call or text me 714-203-4111

    Ignore this part

    Key words Parrot grey toucan macaws Amazon cockatiels sun conure green cheeks sun cheek finches birds plum head Indian Ringneck turquoise macaws finches finch parakeets budgies cockatiels parrot sun conures zebra doves society golden cockatoo eclectus African grey sun cheeks Lady gouldians diamond sparrow finches toucan Amazon Lory lories rosella lady gouldian finches cuban finch. European Goldfinch gold finch
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