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  • Posted On: 02/07/2024
  • Title: Pre Sale Eastern Wild Turkey Hatching Eggs
  • Name: Logan Johnson
  • Location: New Plymouth, Idaho
  • Pre-Sale on 100% Eastern Wild Turkey Hatching eggs. My Flock of Eastern Wild Turkey started several years ago after acquiring 3 hens and 3 toms from a breeder in California (AV Birds). Sense than I have kept the flock growing and housed in order to maintain no in-breeding. These Eggs are sold at a minimum of 6, I will start shipping when i have incubated eggs from a hen that shows at least 90% fertility. I take every care in packaging and shipping the eggs but can't guarantee safe arrival. I did have one misshape last year where eggs were delivered to a buyer broken. I do send more eggs when that happens if there are some available and only charge for shipping costs. That buyer is first on my list this year.

    There are lots of people that sale turkey eggs, very few have true genetics for their birds, and many are over priced, I try to be fare in my pricing and honest from where my birds have originated. Please message me for more details if needed. Sometimes my price will drop at the end of the nesting season if I have an overabundance of eggs. However more often than not I sell out quickly, I usually stop collecting eggs the first week in June to allow certain hens to sit and raise their own brood.

    Ask about discount on multiple orders.
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