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  • Posted On: 06/30/2024
  • Title: geese ducks pheasants chickends in Southern California
  • Name: Edward
  • Location: Rowland Heights, California
  • 1.Silver-laced Polish bantam chickens / buff-laced bantam Polish chicks--- coop ready 35$each

    2.Edward Pheasant Trio (2 year old)450$ (will give you 1 -2-month-old babies as a gift, as long as available )

    3.roman tufted geese (3 of them, vary from 1 month - 2 month-old) 60$ each

    4. call ducks, year-old Breeding pairs, ducklings from 2 week-old to 6 weeks old (my call ducks won first place in Lodi 2022 for bantam duck among 144 bantam ducks, 1st place in Perris as BV BB, best birds in the show 2023 ) price vary from 100-350$ /each (including the show winner)

    5. Mearns quail eggs 40$ each
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