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It's important to recognize that the Impeyan Pheasant is also known as the Himalayan Monal when doing any research. This bird is the national bird of Nepal and is quite larger than most other species of Pheasants standing taller than 2 feet and weighing 5 pounds or more. It also has a much plumper frame than other pheasant breeds and much more vibrant plumage. It mainly lives in the mountains over a large span of countries including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Tibet, China and more. Its population has been slowly declining over the years and although it's been the subject of some famous efforts to “save” the bird from too much poaching, the bird is not considered endangered yet.

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  • Name: Ed Benhardt
  • Posted: 03/04/2024
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2023 hatch unrelated Temminck Tragopans, $315 per pair; $520 per trio. 2022 males in full color, $205 each. 2023 hatch Impeyan pheasant males, $260 each. Box and shipping are extra. Text or email preferred.

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Pheasants and peafowl

  • Name: Roger Breeden
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Breeder impeyan pheasants trio of Temmincks 2023 hatch Impeyans Peach golden splash Swinhoes Lady Amherst 2023 hatch India blue pied hens Black shoulder pair with extra male No shipping.

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  • Name: Ed Benhardt
  • Posted: 12/06/2023
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2023 hatch temmincks tragopan pheasants, $315 per pair; $520 per trio. 2022 full color temmincks males, $205 each. 2023 hatch Impeyan pheasants, $520 per pair. Box and shipping are extra. Email or text preferred.

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ISO: Impeyan Hen

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I'm looking for an impeyan pheasant hen for my lonely male. I'll make any US location work.

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Impeyan Pheasants

Physical Excellence “The Bird of Nine Colours” is a documentary written and produced about the bird by Colin Willock. The center of the documentary was to prevent further decline in population of the bird due to poaching for its meat and its beautiful feathers that have long been a symbol of status and luxury. The feathers are a lot like those of the peacock (unrelated) including metallic green, blue, black, and purple. One interesting fact is that the bird was the inspiration for the character Kevin in the movie Up.

Breeding Impeyan Pheasants

The Impeyan Pheasant has several different calls used for different purposes, including a few for mating. The male also does a “dance” to attract its mate, fanning its feathers and bobbing its head. Once the male has attracted its female mate, the female will scratch a nest in the ground and lay 3-5 eggs she must incubate alone. The incubation process can last up to 28 days long and the male will stand guard during this time until the chicks are hatched. They are born precocial, which means they are able to care for themselves independently. However, it's not until 6 months of age that they are completely mature and must go feed and mate alone.

What do Impeyan Pheasants Eat?

In nature, the Impeyan Pheasant eats mainly grass, seed, and insects. They've also been known to eat some berries. In captivity, on farms or in zoos, they likely eat pellets made for this type of bird, along with vegetables, some fruit, insects, and grain.

Impeyan Pheasants In Captivity

It's a most common name, Impeyan Pheasant derives from Lady Empeya, a British nobleman's wife who was the first known person to keep the bird in captivity. The bird is considered an easy one to keep or farm for beginners. The most important thing in keeping it is to provide it with plenty of space and a sturdy fence because if left with a poorly constructed aviary you will soon learn that the bird digs with its beak. 400 square feet is adequate. Because of their digging, any shrubs or trees planted for shade will need to be protected from root damage. Surrounding the plants and trees with wire fencing will do. One keeper recommends planting Christmas trees for shade, which is a priority for these birds in the summertime. A shelter can be provided for the bird, but unlike most bird species they do well during the winter and don't require much. In nature, they will migrate to the most hospitable locations during harsh winters. Although the bird's lifespan in nature is unknown.


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