Victoria Crowned Pigeon for Sale

(Goura victoria)

One of three unique, large, ground-dwelling pigeons native to New Guinea, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon is a big, bluish pigeon with a prominent blue lace crest, red irises and maroon breast. Distinguishing characteristics include a deep whooping call and white tips on its crests. The elegant bird was named for the British monarch, Queen Victoria.

ISO female victoria crowned pigeon

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  • Posted: 05/19/2024
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In search of a female Victoria crowned pigeon for my lonely male. I have a 2 year old male that lost his partner, I would love to find him a new mate. Not interested in blue crowned at the moment. I can do local pickup in California. If you are willi...

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Turacos, Crowned Pigeons, African Pygmy Geese

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Available Birds: 1pr Lady Ross Turacos-$3000/pr 1pr Livingstone's Turacos-$3000/pr 1pr or extra males Fischer's Turacos-$5000/pr or $2500/ea for males Male Persa Persa Turacos-$750/ea Male Victoria Crowned Pigeons $2500/ea Blue Crowned Pigeon...

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Victoria Crowned Pigeon For Sale

The Victoria crowned pigeon makes its home in the lowland forests and swamps of northern New Guinea. The birds do fly, but spend a good portion of their time on the ground, only roosting in trees and bushes at night. A cage or aviary for them should include plenty of floor space, with trees or perches placed higher up. It should be constructed so that it is easily accessible for cleaning.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon Diet

Victoria crowned pigeons are forest floor foragers. They dine on fallen seeds, berries, and fruits, with the occasional snail or two. They need a diet that closely replicates the food they would eat in the wild. Care should be given to ensure that the cage floor is routinely cleaned since the birds eat their food near their droppings.

Breeding Victoria Crowned Pigeons

During mating season, the male Victoria crowned pigeon will lower its head and swing it rhythmically back and forth while wagging his fanned tail feathers in an elaborate mating dance. The Victoria crowned pigeons mate for life. The female typically lays a single egg in a nest built from palm leaves and sticks. Although the female does most of the brooding, both the father and mother play a role in raising their chick, which hatches after a 30-day incubation period. The parents continue to care for their child for about 13 weeks. Pigeons, like flamingos, are unique among birds in that they produce milk, typically a mammalian trait. Both sexes produce the milky secretion that is used to feed the nestling during the first few days


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