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Mary Chevalier

Reviewed by Jbird0175@yahoo.com On 10/1/2017
Contacted me very quickly, had a couple good conversations and struck a deal. Good to work with.

Reviewed by vladislavmirchev@abv.bg On 1/14/2018
Hello, I won't buy peach golden pheasants, can you send to Europe

Reviewed by ataeva@gmail.com On 3/20/2018
Thank you very much for wonderful Edward male! Healthy, handsome and friendly boy! Thank you !!!!!Plus acceptable price! This is my second purchase from Maria and will back again.

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2018 temminck hens

Posted: 10/18/2018
Phone: (906) 863-9838
Location: Michigan  
Website: https://www.chevettespheasants.webs.com
2018 Temminck hens $200 each. I have breeders from recent imports from Clarence Birr and Jeff Berger. Also for sale 6 year old temminck pair $500. The first two pictures are of the pair for sale. Also India Red jungle fowl $125/pair. One pair 4 year old Peach golden $300. There are two pictures of t...

2018 unrelated Temminck pairs

Posted: 10/15/2018
Phone: (906) 863-9838
Aviary: Mary Chevalier
Location: Michigan  
Website: www.chevettespheasants.webs.com
2018 unrelated pairs temminck tragopan pairs. $400/pair. I have breeders out of recently imported birds from Jeff Berger and Clarence Birr. Big beautiful birds. Plus box $15 plus express shipping. Email or text me your zip to get a ship quote.Sold out of pairs. I have only hens left

2018 Early spring hatch India Red Junglefowl pairs

Name: Mary Chevalier
Posted: 10/14/2018
Phone: (906) 863-9838
Location: Michigan  
I have 6 pair left 2018 early hatch of India red junglefowl for sale. $125 plus box and shipping.  Birds are San Diego Zoo stock.    Please do not call. Contact email or text my phone. I am not often in the house and don't carry my phone.