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Pied Crow

Pied Crows for Sale

A widely distributed species of crow, the pied crow is common across most of sub-Saharan Africa. While it is structurally more like a small raven, it is similar to the Eurasian carrion crows. It is about the size of the Eurasian carrion crow, 18 to 20 inches in length, but has a longer bill and longer legs. A predominantly black bird, its feathering features white markings across its shoulders and breast.

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Posted: 12/30/1899
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Pied Crow Caging

Large and very active, pied crows need lots of flight space. Most commercial bird cages do not provide enough flight space to meet their needs, even large cages designed for macaws. Pied crows require a custom-build or commercial outdoor aviary, and a custom-build indoor aviary that meets the size requirements. The aviaries should be heated for extreme conditions. They are a social bird and will do best when their aviary is located where they will have lots of human interaction and can observe human activity.

Pied Crow Diet

In their native habitat, pied crows prefer a carnivorous diet of insects, eggs, rodents, and carrion. Commercial bird-of-prey food will satisfy their nutritional needs, but they should also be given fresh meat, such as baby chicks or mice.

Even with an aviary that is large enough to accommodate their flight needs, pied crows need stimulation to help them thrive. Regular interaction with humans is a must. The birds thrive on human contact, voices, and touch, and will be more easily handled with they are handled regularly. They also benefit from time outside the cage, and from enrichment toys. Food can also be a good enrichment tool. Crickets or small mice tossed into the cage will allow the bird to hone its hunting skills.

Breeding Pied Crows

Pied crows are monogamous and will breed with only one mate throughout its life. The birds make their nests high in trees and protected from predators. The female will produce between one and seven greenish colored eggs that hatch in 19 days.