Trusted Seller

Are you a reputable seller? Add a trusted seller badge to your listings.

Becoming a trusted seller is an easy process that rewards and recognizes sellers who provide great service and animals. This will also verify when you list an animal for sale that buyers can rest assure that you are who you say you are.

Having the badge on your listing adds instant credibility to your listing and increases buyer confidence and response rates.

The steps are simple but we have found very effective in reducing spammers and increasing buyer confidence. Below are the 5 steps in becoming a trusted seller.

  • Verified email address - simple enough, we will send you an email that you have to respond to with 24 hours. Once verified no one else will be able to list that as their email.
  • Verified Phone Number - just need to answer the phone number you list with your ads. We will only verify your number once and no one else will be able to use your number.
  • Verified Website - probably the biggest spam prevention. We will send you a trusted seller badge to put on your website that you can link to your seller profile page. As long as the badge remains, no one else will be able to list your website as their own.
  • Have an account with - if you don't already have an account, will only take minutes to create
  • Been selling for more than 1 year on - this one really just takes time, sorry no exceptions on this. Trust takes time.

If you want to become a trusted seller send an email to