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Doves are considered “Pigeons with good P.R.” (public relations) because they are of the same family and share a lot of the same desirable traits, but the Pigeon has a tainted, maybe even undeserved reputation. Both are highly intelligent, friendly, and have an ancient tradition of carrying messages between cities because of their ability to travel long distances and find their way “home”. 100,000 pigeons were used to deliver messages during Word War I and had an amazing delivery rate of 95%. The only thing that got in the Pigeon's way were people shooting them down, which was not often the case because of their ability to fly at high speed (highest recorded speed is 92.5 miles per hour). Doves, though, are prettier than Pigeons. They are typically all white and have been referenced by the bible as holy creatures and are revered as “love birds”.


Pair unrelated Celebes Quail Doves

Price: N/A
Name: Miguel Angel Feliciano
Posted: 8/6/2018
Phone: (813) 704-9951
Aviary: N/A
Location: Florida  
Website: N/A

One unrelated pair (2015) Celebes Quail Doves, breeders ( I am downsizing my aviaries ) $875.00, two pairs Philippine Greenwing Doves ( 2015 = $375.00 /Pair, one pair 2017=$300.00., one pair 2016 Senegal doves $200.00. Buyers pays shipping and box.

Red Billed Blue Magpie Jay

Price: N/A
Name: David
Posted: 4/19/2018
Phone: (602) 618-7483
Aviary: AZbirds
Location: arizona  
Website: http://www.birdproduct.com

Red Billed Jay pair 3500 White Crested Laughing Thrush 2.000 pr Pink Necked Dove 2,000 a pr Black Napped Dove 1500 a pr Black and white seedeaters 110 a pr Brazilian Cardinals 750 a pr Chestnut Starlings 150 a pr European Robin DNA male 495 Eurasion Golden Oriole 1300 a pr Toco Toucan...

Birds For Sale

Price: N/A
Name: Kateri Davis
Posted: 3/13/2018
Phone: (Pre) fer-dule
Aviary: Davis Lund Aviaries, Specializing in Softbilled Birds
Location: Oregon  
Website: https://dlaviaries.wordpress.com

March Sale - Prices good until 03/31/18 All are mature parent/aviary raised (wild), sexed by Avian Biotech. No females available at this time. Male Red Crest Turaco - $300 Male White Cheek Turaco - $350 Male Spurwing Plover - $150 Shipping by airlines. Trades for other sof...

Asstorted Birds for Sale

Price: N/A
Name: Todd
Posted: 2/18/2018
Phone: (850) 760-3138
Aviary: N/A
Location: Florida  
Website: N/A

1.1 Proven Green wings,  1.1 Congo Greys proven,  2.0 Red Whiskered Bul-buls 2016-17  came from Cali VNam bloodline, Sacrid Ibis 2016, 1.0 Chestnut Breasted Starling, 1.0.1 Black Krake chick 2017 hatch, 1.2 Crested doves 2016-17 hatch, 1.0 Bruces Green pigeon pinioned  2015, ...

Birds available

Price: N/A
Name: Ben
Posted: 2/7/2018
Phone: (435) 695-5233
Aviary: Gallegos aviary
Location: Utah  
Website: N/A

Chachalaca pair 400, red crested turaco pair 950, violet turaco pair 1000, white cheek turacos 500 each, male crested oropendola 600, elegant crested tinamou pair 5000, white crested hornbill pair 5000, green wing dove pair 500, Peruvian ground dove pair 150, pygmy ground dove pair 200, red golden p...

Asstorted Birds for Sale

Price: N/A
Name: Todd
Posted: 2/1/2018
Phone: N/A
Aviary: N/A
Location: Florida  
Website: N/A

1.1 Proven Green wings  1.1 Congo Greys proven  3.2 Red Whiskered Bul-buls 2016-17 hatch 0.0.1 Sacrid Ibis  2016 1.0 Chestnut Breasted Starling 1.0.1 Black Krake chick 2017 hatch 1.2 Crested doves 2016-17 hatch 1.0 Bruces Green pigeon pinioned 0.1 Diomond dove 1.2 Red Jungle fowl new ...

Asstorted Birds for Sale

Price: N/A
Name: Todd Quinn
Posted: 11/14/2017
Phone: (850) 760-3138
Aviary: N/A
Location: Florida  
Website: N/A

I have  for sale or trade. Fruit pieons, Bul-Bul's, Plovers, Krake's, Doves and more for sale. Most birds are proven or bonded pairs. I some singles like Crested dove, green singer finch, Bruces green pigeon, and more. Call for pricing and byer pay's for shipping and box. Thank you....

Birds for sale

Price: N/A
Name: Todd
Posted: 10/16/2017
Phone: (850) 760-3138
Aviary: N/A
Location: Florida  
Website: N/A

 Zoological surplus and captive raised birds.

1.1.1 Black Krake proven with chick

1.1.1 Spurwinged plovers with chick

1.1.1 Green Imperial pigeons with chick

1.1.1 Silawazi Imperial pigeons with chick

0.2 Red Knobbed Imperial pigeons

0.1 Crocodile bird


What is a Pet Dove Like?

Pet Dove Cooing

Types of Doves

Doves (Columbidae)

Doves are monogamous birds. The Love Birds have been known to mate for life. It's rare for a couple to have 1 egg or 3 or more and most often lay 2 eggs exactly. They are able to raise up to 9 broods a year and can live up to 30 years in captivity, but rarely make it past 4 years in urban settings. After mating, the eggs are laid typically 8-12 days later and hatched after 18 days of incubation. Sexual maturity is said to be reached at 7 months of age. They are great breeding birds and a favorite to bird keepers of all kinds.

Doves Calling Sounds

Some species of Dove are called “Mourning Doves” for their mournful sounds that they make, but all Doves produce sounds like this. Some of the sounds are only produced by the male and its a signal to its female companion, not one of mourning.

Although the Dove prefers to live in woodlands and tropical forests, the bird can be found virtually anywhere in the world except the harshest living climates such as the desert and Antarctica. They are highly adaptable, just like Pigeons. The family they both belong to is named Columbidae and there are many, many species of Doves including the White Dove, Diamond Dove, Peaceful Dove, Socorro Dove, Mountain Witch, Cape Dove, Golden Heart Dove, and more.

What do Doves Eat?

In nature, when you observe a Dove or Pigeon eating, it's likely that you are actually seeing it store food in its esophagus for later consumption. Doves can go 16 hours without eating, in fact. For reasons unknown, Doves and Pigeons have no gallbladder, but still produce bile that's secreted straight into their stomachs. They also produce what's called “crop milk” for their young, a milk substance that is higher in protein and fat content than the milk produced by mammals. The Dove's diet mainly consists of seeds and sometimes insects. They are a member of the Pigeon family so you can imagine they have an opportunistic diet and are highly adaptive. In captivity, they will eat soft pellet made specifically for their species, and their diet can be supplemented by some vegetables a few times a week and essential vitamins. If your bird has not eaten in a few days, act immediately. Sick birds need to be tended to and diets adjusted accordingly to save their lives or they can pass away in 2-5 days.