Red Crest Turacos

Red Crest Turacos

Price: $350.00
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  • Name: Davis Lund Aviaries
  • Posted: 04/23/2022
  • Location: Oregon
  • ID #27395
1.1 Pair of Red Crest Turacos - Siblings, mature, bonded & egg laying. Parent-raised in outdoor aviary, not tame. Sexed by An. Genetics. $800 Pair only.

Two mature, male, sibling Red Crest Turacos available for sale or trade. Both are parent-raised in large outdoor aviaries, not tame. Sexed by An. Genetics. DOB 2020 & 2021. Beautiful, active birds! $350 each.

Sorry, Pick-up only - no shipping at this time - thus the steeply discounted price.

Located near Eugene, Oregon. Trades for other softbills or exotic finches considered. Check out my website for turaco & softbill information.


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