Indiana Softbill Breeders

Joshua Jarrett
  • Email:
  • Phone: 2192007996
  • Website:
  • Address: 4725 Roosevelt PL
  • My Breeding Pairs are Split to White Males over White females, and White males over White females. I DO NOT have Normal Females as breeders. So all Normal colored Males will be split to white.
    To place an order, simply email me your: Name, Phone Number, Preferred Pair, and number of Pairs or Ducklings looking for. Payment is only accepted the day of pick-up or the day before shipping.
    I email those on my waiting list with etadpus on newly hatched ducklings! I also provide pictures and video clips of them as they grow!
    Shipping Prices vary on Locations. For shipping quotes, email me your zipcode and how many pairs you want.
    My Breeding pairs are kept one Pair per Aviary. Each Aviary is 16ft wide x 16ft deep x 8ft tall with kids sandboxes as pools, and 3 nesting boxes. Each Aviary is labeled by color and their Off-Spring will be labeled by zip-ties with corresponding colors. I can not pinion their Off-Spring but can clip their wings if wanted. Pairs can be picked up at end of Summer, delivered if not too far away, or shipped in October.
    I am willing to drive up to 3 hours away for a fee.
    Will do discounts if buying 5 or more pairs. I can deliver if not too far, or I can ship. I prefer pick-up or delivery. It causes less stress on the birds.
    If we have any Extra Females or Males, they will be listed on another ad.
    Priced Per Pair.
    Pairs may be:
    $160-White Male with White Female (Off-Spring *All White*)
    $150-White Male with Normal Female (Off-Spring *Split to White Males of Normal color and White Females*)
    $125-Split to White of Normal color Male with White Female (Off-Spring Whites and Normal colored in males and females)
    $100-Split to White of Normal color Male with Normal Female (Off-Spring low chance of white females, Normal Males and Females , with low chance of split to white males)
    ***If you want Mandarin Ducklings, I can sell them as Straight Run. ***
    I DO NOT SHIP DUCKLINGS! In order to buy ducklings, you must pick them up! I am willing to drive up to 3 hours away for a fee.
    Straight Run means you may or may not get both or just one gender. I will guarantee at least 2 different bloodlines! Each duckling will be labeled with a rubber leg band corresponding with the Aviary color they came from. So finding out which ducklings are related will be easy.
    Duckling Prices:
    White's- $50 each
    Normal's- $30 each (The normal males will be split to white)
    Only Males can carry the white gene, and it's impossible to tell which carries the gene unless specific breeding is performed. All males produced from my Breeding stock will be split to white because I only have white females as breeders.
Rob Laubner
  • Email:
  • Phone: (574) 656-3409
  • Address: 64225 Liberty Trail
    North Liberty, Indiana 46554
  • Pheasants-Black necks, Golden, Temmincks Tragopans, Humes Bartail

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