Nevada Softbill Breeders

Ann Marie Martin
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  • Specializing in Toco and Keel-billed toucans. Lowest prices guaranteed on hand-raised chicks, and will price match if you find anyone selling any under 180 days old at a lower price. Offer does not apply to birds older than 180 days because older animals are not always directly from the nest (breeder). They may have already been passed around from home to home, picked up bad habits from previous owners, or even abused or neglected, which can not only affect their trust in humans, but the side-effects of poor nutrition could lead to health issues down the road. Successfully living with a toucan starts with building a strong, healthy bond with your bird. Ours fly to you as soon as they're old enough, giving you lots of time to bond with them while they're still small, manageable, mold-able babies. By living with you from the time they are babies, they become accustomed to your life and end up manageable and non-destructive as they become larger and stronger. Horror stories about failures with toucans are mostly from those who acquired an older bird, either from a pet shop or craigslist. You can avoid many of these compatibility problems by getting a freshly weaned chick.

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