Louisiana Softbill Breeders

Damian Shaheen
  • Email:
  • Phone: 337-255-3168
  • Website: www.cajunbait2000.net
  • Address: South Central Louisiana
  • Green Aracari (Pteroglossus viridis) Bearded Barbets (Lybius dubius) White Throated Magpie Jays (Calocitta formosa) Greater Blue Eared Glossy Starlings (Lamprotornis chalybaeus) Von Der Deckens Hornbills (Tockus deckeni)
  • Email:
  • Phone:
  • Website: ParadisePoultry&Waterfowl.com
  • Muscovy,Wild Muscovy,Mallard,Wood Duck (wild,silver,apricot) Mandarin ( wild,white) Golden pheasant,Yellow golden,Lady Amhearst,Bornean Fireback,Malayan fireback,Ring Neck,Grey Peacock,Palawan,Temnick tragopan,BW Wheaten Ameracana,LF Cornish
C&C Gamebirds, Ducks, & Dogs
  • Email: cbatman68@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 3187944111
  • Website: Facebook C&C Gamebirds, Ducks, & Dogs
  • Address: 9098 HWY 165 Pollock, LA. 71467
  • Chucker Quail (White, Mexican, Snow Flake & reg bobwhite), Blue scale, Gamble, Vally, and domestic. Phesants Ringneck, White, Bluff, Silver, Lady A's, Reeves, Banshee, and Malanistic . Ducks mandarin (white & Regular) Teal (Ring, Greenwing, Cinnamon, Falicated, Baikal and Chestnut) Wood ducks (Regular, Apricot, & Silver) Red Crested pochard.
Caitlin Legnon
  • Email: jcmfarmsllc@gmail.com
  • Phone: 3379674439
  • North American Wood Ducks
    Apricot Wood Ducks
    Red Heads
    Scaly Sided Mergansers
    North American Ruddy Ducks
    Ferruginous Duck
    New Zealand Scaup
    Bahama Pintail
    Eurasian Widgeon
    Chiloé Widgeon
    Cinnamon Teal
    Ringed Teal
    Blue Winged Teal
    Hottentot Teal
    Brazilian Teal
    Red Shoveler
    White Faced Tree Ducks
    Wandering Whistling Tree Ducks
    Javan Tree Ducks
    Old World Comb Ducks
    Maned Geese
    Barhead Geese
    Mute Swans
    Red Breasted Geese
    Radjah Shelduck
    Masked Lapwing
    Spurwing Lapwing
    Grey Peacock Pheasants
    Australian Crested Pigeon
    Lesser Moorhens
    Silver Pied Peacocks

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